Lose or Damage a Hearing Aid?

Filing a claim is simple, straightforward, and easy!

We know you depend on your hearing aids, so we work hard to process your claim as quickly as possible.

  1. Contact your hearing care provider. They will complete and submit the required information to Midwest Hearing Agency.
  2. Midwest Hearing Agency will send your hearing care provider the authorization details.
  3. Your hearing care provider will then send your device or impression to the Manufacturer.
  4. The manufacturer will ship your replacement or repaired device back to your hearing care provider.
  5. Your hearing care provider will schedule a time with you for fitting and adjustments.

Co-payments & Fees

Hearing instruments are sophisticated devices that require specialized professional services only your practitioner can provide. Your hearing care provider may charge you a fee for professional services performed in the event of a claim.

Midwest Hearing Agency does not charge a deductible for claims.*

* If your device is lost during the policy period, you will need to pay the balance of the premium before your claim is authorized.