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Add Midwest Complete LOSS, DAMAGE & REPAIR coverage to your hearing aid for Just $27* per month.

Or pay annually and it's only $299 per device per year.

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Add 12 full months of loss, damage and repair protection to any hearing aid for one low price. No estimate or quote required. For just $299 per year you get a full year of complete coverage per hearing aid. 

Chances are those hearing aids you wear were a significant investment, and knowing they are insured against unforeseen circumstances is a sound financial decision.

The brain of a modern hearing aid is digital, meaning it’s actually a tiny computer. Highly susceptible to moisture, damage, and a world of other harmful factors, it’s fortunate those new devices you just purchased are covered by a manufacturer’s
warranty. However, that warranty is limited - covering only a certain period of time, and provides only one loss or damage replacement coverage.

Midwest Complete insurance is a single price policy option, meaning regardless of the age, brand, type, or model hearing aid you insure, for just one low premium price, you’re protected.

Midwest Hearing has been providing hearing aid insurance coverage for 50 years. We are the only single-price-policy insurance provider in the industry. As the originator of hearing aid insurance, we’re confident our products will provide you with the best protection.

Loss and damage of hearing aids is a common occurrence – in the past 50 years we’ve heard all kinds of stories. Midwest Complete coverage is a great way to ensure your devices have the right amount of coverage, especially if you’re not ready to purchase new hearing aids.

Midwest works directly with hearing professionals. Nearly all of those hearing care providers recommend Midwest Complete coverage to protect against the GAP years. At Midwest we call the time between expiration of a manufacturer warranty, and when a new hearing aids is purchased the GAP year. With Midwest Complete we provide coverage in case your devices are lost or accidentally damaged beyond repair.

With our single-price policy coverage, no matter what brand, type, or model hearing aid you wear, your hearing aids are financially covered.

No deductable coverage. Midwest has no additional charges if your device is lost or damaged beyond repair.

Adding protection to your hearing aids against a loss, damage, or repair is more than just a sound financial decision; we believe it truly is freedom from worry. Because chances are, those hearing aids you wear were a considerable investment, knowing they are insured against unforeseen circumstances will bring a sense of relief. It’s good to know if something happens, Midwest Hearing Agency has you covered.

Don't wait. If the manufacturer's warranty on your hearing aids has ended, or is about to expire, if you add Midwest Complete coverage today, your aids are covered today!

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*Premium listed is the price per aid. Single price coverage not available in all states. Does not cover all products.