What does a Midwest Complete policy cover?

Published: 11/19/20

With Midwest Complete insurance, you get total coverage for your hearing aid(s). But what does total coverage mean?

With Complete, your hearing aid(s) will be covered against a loss, damage that cannot be repaired (when a replacement aid is needed), and also any normal wear and tear that needs repair.

For example, for some reason, the sound from your hearing aid becomes weak, intermittent, or the aid stops working completely, with Complete, your hearing aid would be replaced at no cost. One important note to make here, even though Midwest Hearing Agency does not include a deductible on your premium costs, you may be charged a fitting and service fee by your hearing care provider.

Another example of what Complete covers, and a very common situation we hear about often. Let’s say you step into the shower and don’t realize you’re still wearing your aids… and they are damaged by the water. This too would also be covered with your Complete policy. Based on the severity of damage caused by water exposure, your hearing care provider would determine if a repair is possible, or if a replacement aid is needed. Both repair or replacement in this scenario would be covered by Complete, at no further cost to you from Midwest Hearing Agency.

With Complete coverage, your aid(s) will also be covered if they need a repair. As mentioned earlier, those repairs would be issues caused by normal wear and tear. A perfect example would be if wax build-up impacts the sound delivery. Or if the battery door no longer latches. If the aid(s) are sent to the manufacturer or repair lab for repair, those charges would be covered by your Complete single price policy.

If you have any questions about what is covered by Midwest Complete, please let us know at https://midwesthearingagency.com/contact-us