Protect your hearing aids.

Published: 9/1/20

Insurance coverage for hearing aids, is it worth it? To help answer this question, let’s take a look back at when you were first fit with hearing aids. Your hearing care provider most likely looked at your loss levels, lifestyle, and budget to determine what devices were right for you. Chances are those hearing aids were an investment. And in the past few years, after numerous follow up appointments, and routine cleanings, those hearing aids now fit well, and you’re comfortable with them.

After a few years, those hearing aids have reached the end of the manufacturer’s warranty. Now is a great time to take another look at your situation. 

• Are you prepared to make another, similar financial investment?

• Have you researched the latest hearing aids? Has new technology improved significantly more than your current aids?

• Have you already filed a loss or damage claim on your current hearing aids, and been advised to purchase additional coverage?

If you decide your current hearing aids check out and have more life in them, you will need to confirm the original warranty coverage. There may no longer be an active warranty protecting them from loss or damage. If that’s the case, proceeding without loss and damage coverage of some puts you at a financial risk.

Purchasing additional coverage is a good idea if:

• The hearing aids you wear are near the end of the original warranty coverage. 

• There has already been a loss or damage claim on your current aids. Typically the original manufacturer’s coverage is a one-time loss or damage policy.

• You live a lifestyle that puts your hearing aids at a higher risk of loss or damage.

Hearing aid warranty coverage options vary by the manufacturer, technology level, and style.

Are you unsure of when your current warranty ends? Your original purchase agreement will have the expiration date. Or, call your provider, they will have that data easily accessible. If the date is approaching soon, work with your provider to take a closer look at your lifestyle changes and the condition of your current devices. Decide together, is it time to replace your aids or invest in insurance coverage?