Hearing aid insurance check list

Published: 10/1/20

Each year, as the weather turns cooler, we see more lost hearing aid claims. Whether those claims increase because it's the season to wear hats and earmuffs, or just because people are out and about for the holidays, we can only speculate. But one thing is for sure, now is a great time to check the warranty coverage on your hearing aids.

We've put together a quick checklist of questions to ask your hearing care provider.

Your hearing aid insurance coverage checklist: 

  • Was the manufacturer's warranty one, two, or three years? 
  • When you had one of your aids replaced because it stopped working, does the replacement aid have the same coverage as the aid in your other ear?
  • Double-check, did you buy the extended coverage like your hearing care provider suggested way back when?
  • Now is a great time to make the call and ask your hearing care provider, "Are my aids are still covered?" 
  • If not, do they suggest loss or damage coverage, or both?
  • Do you really need to buy 12 months of coverage? Or will a few months work until you have the money to replace your aids.

The most important thing to remember, the hearing care provider you work with is an invaluable source of information. Go to them with any questions, service, and follow up care.

If you have any questions specifically about adding extended coverage to your hearing aids, Midwest Hearing Agency is happy to help.